Daan Hofman – Zoete pijn

Published on October 9, 2014 by Bootrecordings

Boot Recordings – The best singer/songwriters of the Summer (27-06-2014)

During this Boot Recordings edition, we are recording three singer/songwriters. The first recording took place last night in Amsterdam. After a long quest we found the ‘Vlla’, and thanks to their hospitality we could record Daan Hofman. According to our new concept, the artists need to create their own artwork accompanying the recording.

Daan Hofman is an Amsterdam based singer/songwriter. Once he desired to be an actor, cartoonist or scriptwriter, but chose to be a singer/songwriter in his native language. His song ‘Zoete pijn’ is about the poet Vasalis. She found a way to transform her pain into something she could love.