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 The Boot Recordings VW van is sponsored by Vintage Road Trips.


A Project by: Evert Aalten, (Scandal Studios) and Ron Ariëns (Grond ontwerp)

Boot Recordings is a project which started in 2012 by Evert & Ron, long-term friends who wanted to take their adventurous trips to the next level. The summer of 2012 was on it’s way and instead of lying on a beach, they decided to record singer/songwriters in their native language. During their first tour, they drove to England in order to look for talented artists in local pubs and offer them a recording from the boot of the van in return for a place to spend the night. Boot Recordings was born!

The two young men started their recordings in Dover, and recorded along the way until Land’s End was reached. The trip led to the debut album: ‘Boot Recordings, From Dover to Land’s End’. While returning home, Evert & Ron were able to spent one night in Falmouth, where they fell in love with this lively town. Therefore, they returned here in 2013 to record a second album, entitled ‘Boot Recordings, Falmouth’. During a two week tour in the Netherlands, the third Boot Recordings album was recorded: ‘Holland, from North to South’. The fourth album is a collection of twelve Dutch recordings, consisting of the best singer/songwriters of Summer (2014), Autumn (2014), Winter (2015) and Spring (2015). Currently more than fifty songs have been recorded, with many more to come.

Why Boot Recordings? Many music admirers look for authentic songs recorded in a different setting than expensive studios where everything is productionally controlled. Boot Recordings sets a framework within which the artist is encouraged to be creative. Through this concept, songs are stripped from productional distraction and the core of the song remains, just as in the earlier days.


About Evert

Evert Aalten is keyboard/guitar player, studio engineer, producer & cultural anthropologist at ‘Scandal Studios’. He is involved in many music projects, such as Alexander McKenzie & the Underpaid, Jackie Please, Ugandan Recordings and Wandering Songs. Evert recorded in Jamaica, Uganda, England, South Africa and is now mainly working in Holland.



About Ron

Ron Ariëns is a graphic designer with an all-round creative mindset. Since 2007 he is running his own company ‘Grond ontwerp’ which is located at Kytopia Utrecht, surrounded by musicians and other creative people. Many of his designs are related to cultural and music activities, consisting of branding, posters, flyers, and artwork for albums.




Boot Recordings: A tribute to Alan Lomax (1915 – 2002)
Watch this video to understand how Boot Recordings works.