Hello everybody,

We are home safe after 2200 km and 4 hours on a boat, exhausted but satisfied…what a great week we had!

Falmouth, we really felt in love with you. We met so many kind people and we spotted lots of talent in the pubs.
Such a candy store for us. We saw some artists perform more than twice, so we noticed their dedication.
The ones we thought were the best we offered a recording and we hope that you like the recordings as much as we do.
We think the artists and songs are very different, seven songs in seven days. All together it’s a beautiful melting pot.

Different from our trip last summer is that we spent the whole week in the same town, in stead of driving from town to town. This time we also made sticky tape artwork, what we transformed into cd cardboard-sleeves.
Because it took a lot of time doing this, unfortunately only the first two artists got a cd wallet. Soon we’ll add cover artwork to the Bandcamp-tracks and next trip we’re going to experiment with other forms of analogue artwork.
In contrary to the last trip, we did the audio mixing and mastering on the spot, as well as editing the videos directly in HD. This time the Revox tape deck recorded till the very end, only rewinding stopped working for a while.
Manually rewinding tapes is much fun fortunately:-).

This weeks promotional highlight is the interview we did on BBC radio. And we’re proud to say that some of the artists we recorded got airplay. You can imagine that we were glad to get some exposure for our project and the singer/songwriters. Funny about the interview was that we, fully according to our own dogma, just had a one-taker to deal with, two microphones and yup,
we also had some stress not to fail on the spot smile-emoticon.

Boot Recordings 3rd edition probably will take place in Brighton (UK), spring or summer 2013.
First we have to save up some money to press the album “Boot Recordings – Falmouth”.

We want to thank the people whose sofa’s we’ve occupied, mattresses we’ve confiscated, coffee and eggs we’ve finished, showers we’ve invaded…thanks for your great hospitality, we really appreciate it!

See ya next time!
Evert & Ron